Updating Ping list on WordPress 3.8 – Thanks to www.allstuffweb.com

Yes people this list is the largest and one of the most complete ping lists online. Before i get started i once again would like to thank www.allstuffweb.com for providing this list for everyone. Now that we have decently established a thank you, let’s get started. Throughout the rest of this blog post i will be showing you guys how to update you’re ping list in WordPress 3.8. Many of us have been a little weary of updating but let me just get started by saying WordPress has outdone itself. This version, especially in the back-end run’s more smoothly. Design wise they kept most things the same, changed up a few colors and gave it a little Windows 8 feel to my perspective, or maybe that’s just me. So if you have not updated yet i suggest you do so and also go ahead and check any plugins or themes that you use for updates. Once that is completed we can get started. On the main page of the back-end you will find yourself on the page shown below on image 1. You will want to click on the settings menu which i have highlighted.



Once you have click setting you will get a Drop down menu that will display all the sub-settings interfaces. At this point you will cant to click on the Writing settings interface. Once you have selected this option you want to scroll down all the way to the bottom in the Writing Settings interface until you say a Sub heading that says Update  services like the image 2 shown below.


Once you have reached this point you will want to download the ping list file by clicking this link -> ping-list-2013 <-. Or you can also download it by visiting www.allstuffweb.com/ping .  Once you have downloaded this file go ahead and open it with a PDF viewer. The Creators of the list give a brief description on how to use it which i will also be helping you how to add all this pings to you’re update services. There are more than 300 ping links on this list you can go one by one and choose which one you want to use or you can also copy and paste. These links will be added below the default http://rpc.pingomatic.com/ link. For these to work each ping link must be on it’s own line or separated by line breaks. This is show below on image 3.



As a reminder you do not want to over ping! Meaning that you do not want to use this list for each and every single post, if this happens some of the Ping services will not continue to index you because of annoyance or they will write you off as a spammer. So use with moderation. From there you just click Save and you’re ready to be indexed. Once Again we would like to thank the people at www.allstuffweb.com for creating this list! For more from our blog or to visit us or contact us use the links below.

Saul Gutierrez
Kansas City Website Developer



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