WordPress Plugins For Website Development

Lately i have been wanting to share some of the plugins i have used the most throughout my years of using WordPress. These plugins have stood the test of time and have updated nicely to which we can use them with any version of WordPress. Not only have we used these plugins on our website, but they have become a standard for many of the other site’s we have built.

 1. Easy Contact Forms – Yes as the page mentions you’re efficient reception office. This plugin is a true soldier to organizing and helping you get in touch quickly and efficiently with customers or subscribers new or old to you’re site. The form is not only easy to set up, but comes with a wide variety of options, and gives you the opportunity to fine tune each form to you’re needs. From the back-end of the plugin you can set which users will be receiving emails. The set-up is very easy, you don’t have to mess with email servers or POP settings, all you have to do is input the users and emails of the users to which you wish to receive emails.

2. Google XML Sitemaps – Helpful in Search Engine Optimization, this plugin creates a XML-Sitemap, which will make it easier for search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo index you’re site. It’s as easy as clicking install and activate. The back-end settings are useful and to the point, no beating around the bush. If you have old version of WordPress this is the right plugin for you, it has been around since version 1.5. It also creates a .zip version of the sitemap if need for further editing.
3. Jetpack – It has not been around for a very long time, but it’s making a difference in every new site i build including our’s. Jetpack has all the features we need all in one, from site stats to blog post sharing to social networks. One of my favorite features is posting from email, let’s face it sometimes it’s a hassle to login to our WordPress site especially if we are not around our laptop or computer, with Jetpack we don’t have to worry about that. Even though i use Google analytics, the Jetpack site stats is becoming a strong second to when i need to check on my site visits and page views. It simply is a well built all in one plugin.
4. Network Publisher – As i had mentioned above Jetpack is a quick and easy way to share to you’re most common Social networks, but it doesn’t get across to the little guys, like app.net, blogger, Diigo, Typepad, Delicious, and many more. With network publisher you can automatically share to all these social network as soon as you push publish on you’re blog post. And i believe it’s much easier to set up than any other option out there simply because you don’t have to search one by one for API keys for each network. All you do is signup, and add you usernames, or authorize which network you want and that pretty much it. You can even modify various options in the back-end options.
5. My Shortcodes – Needing to add a little color and design to you’re website. Choose this plugin to create custom short codes for you’re site. It has a wide diversity of short code creation. It adds color nicely to you’re site without over doing it. And if you feel a little to lazy to create you’re own short code you can download short codes created by other user, making it easier to redesign you’re website.
Saul Gutierrez
Owner, Kansas City Website Designer

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