Why are keywords important in search engine optimization (SEO)

Here at our office we are always looking for new ways to bring up websites in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, but sometimes it is necessary to stick to old habits. Keywords are one of these old habits we tend to use the most. Why? Well it is the most effective. You see keywords are like the gasoline a engine needs for it to run. they not only display what you’re website is about but also make it easier for search engines to index it and group it appropriately with query’s that need to be shown for you’re website. Take a website that is about a dog food business. The main page of the site which is primarily the most important, needs to be full of these keywords. Most of these keywords can be found simply by thinking as if you were the person making the query. For example one may think if I’m searching for a website that sells dog food what would i put into google? Some keywords or phrases may be: dog food, dog food for sale, cheap dog food, dog food stores, or if you live in Seattle it may be dog food stores Seattle. If you want to find more keywords, you can use a simple keyword generator, Google in fact provides this tool and can be quickly accessed if you have a Google account. from there you may want to take note of all the keywords you found or think may be relevant to a query in a search engine. Once this is done find ways you can make appropriate sentences that make sense and can be put on the home page of you’re website. I like to emphasize the importance of making sentences that can easily be read and make sense. Their are two main reasons for this, most importantly Google can ban you from their search engine if they believe you are just putting down any type of keywords to come up in rank. Second is that it will make sense to the visitors of you’re website which will attract them to make return visits. We live in a world that if we cannot entertain someone with our idea they will lose interest and probably never visit the site again, this is why it is important to make sense and grab the reader or visitors attention. These small steps are all things that can be done from any computer and most tablets, with time they will help you rank higher and reach the search engine optimization (SEO) that you were looking for. Just like wine that becomes better with age, a website is the same, it takes time to make it work and develop it into a hard working machine. For more info or questions about how we can help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feel free to visit our site.

Saul Gutierrez
Owner, Kansas City Website Designer

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