Using social marketing for Search Engine Optimization

Last week i wrote a blog post about the importance of keywords, and how they can be used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. Partially continuing on the same subject, this week i will discuss how we can have more reach with this keywords via social marketing. As many of you know social marketing has two main giants Facebook and Twitter. Most SEO specialist believe it is mostly important to use these two main site for social marketing purposes, i have a completely different thought on the matter. You see when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, you cannot constrict yourself to only using the tools that are most common, this is also a SEO tactic that i was taught. The more your post’s, keywords, links, and partial’s of you’re website are spread throughout the internet, the more chances you have at people actually taking a interest in you’re site and giving it a visit. Another thought is that it doesn’t hurt to do a simple sign-up for a social network, especially if it just take minutes to be setup and ready to share. If you are using WordPress as you CMS sharing you’re website with social networks has become even easier, with the addition of Jet Pack, blog post can be automatically shared to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, as soon as you push Publish on you’re blog post. There are many advantages to using these social networks for example Tumblr creates a blog with all the blog post you share on you’re website also adding links back to you’re site. Tags that you used in the original blog post are converted into hash tags. What does having Hash Tags help with since they don’t link to anything? We’ll hash tags have become very popular in Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr especially among younger crowds. Once these hash tags are derived on the internet, people from these social networks can search for them, find what they work looking for and follow back on the social network account that shared the hash tag. Once you receive new followers this will create a larger “community” within your social networks to which you can share new content from you’re website. Another Reason for using social networks, especially for a business, is to share more with customers on a daily basis something that is hard to do with a website. There has to be a common ground as to what you can and can’t do on you’re website and on you’re social network. Customers out of curiosity want to see how a business runs. Sharing some of these secrets can be done via social marketing, even a simple post on Facebook can receive the suggestions we were looking for to better our business. Let Social marketing be the tool that polishes you’re Search Engine Optimization. If you have any more questions about Search Engine Optimization please feel free to contact us below.
Saul Gutierrez
Owner, Kansas City Website Designer

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