The Right Attitude For Website Development

You’re there staring at the screen and wondering what now? When will i start to make thousands of my site? Is that first    check  on it’s way? The answer is NO! Time and time again i have had to explain to customers and sometimes even remind myself  that  results for Website Development don’t come overnight. If they do you’re either paying thousands of dollars to Google. It  all  boils down to that fact that yes overnight results can be expected from Google if you pay them to sponsor you on Google search engine, but what happens when you run out of money or if you decide that you just want to stop paying.
Will you  continue to receive the same results? the answer is once again NO! unless you have used that process over a long period of time let say a minimum of 3 years. With three years of paying Google for results you can waste a fortune or you can start slow, be patient, and receive the same results if you pay a much smaller price to the right developer. With the right company you can have daily statistics for you’re website, updates, maintenance, and many other options for only the fraction of the price. So how to you choose the right developer? Google! and another hint is to search local, it is not necessary to find a worlds best developer for you’re site, because in the end you might end up paying the same as if you were using Google. Let’s say you search Google and find 3-5 local developers, you can use Google again to research each and find which one is best for you. Some developers might specialize in Content Management Systems (CMS) development, and others might be specialize in social marketing. Once decided make sure you write down some of the ideas you have for your developer and express them in the most clear manner to them. Most Developers from my experience can have you ranking in the top 100 within 7-10 months, top 50 in 10-13 months, top 25 in 13-17 months for specific keywords chosen. If these results are not achieved you may need to seek another more tactical developer. You may be asking does it really take this long? Finally the answer is yes, as expressed before if you have the money to use Google go right ahead the results will come in faster, but there are less expensive ways to approach website development. I have mentioned this before also, a good website is like a fine wine, with age it only gets better. With time and patience you’re website will reel in the results you want. For questions about this article or to see how we do website development visit our website below.

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