Search Engine Optimization Research

Research, the long period of time you dedicate to finding useless information about nothing! This could very well be the description a high school student gives for the word at hand. On a much cheerful note, even though as grown ups many of us still don’t like research, it can become a very delightful and fulfilling part of our weekly schedule. why? Research is a key factor in any Search Engine Optimization project, large or small, various types of research must be conducted to see what works and what doesn’t. What type of research should be done? The factors that come into mind when doing SEO are simple. For example one main question will be how can i generate traffic to my site? Or if you want to be more specific you may ask how can a generate traffic to my site with specific keywords? Both of these example questions are good starting points for research. The main place to conduct this research is right on you’re screen, more specifically on a search engine usually Google. From this point you can research questions like the ones above or break down the questions into keywords or phrases, for example you may search: Generate Traffic or Keywords. A large amount of results will show up many of which will be sponsored links, or scams. What we are looking for here are blogs of good specialists that have show by example and explanation proven strategies that they have used for Search Engine Optimization. Before you start reading each and every single blog post that they have, make sure to have a pen and pencil ready or if you don’t like to write make sure to have a text editor open where you can copy and paste links, ideas, plugins, and strategies that you believe might work for you and you’re website. Now you go ahead and start reading little by little, don’t believe everything that is put on a post but don’t disregard it either, take note and one by one see which you believe will work best on you’re site. If the Blog has at least 1 good implementation of SEO go ahead and subscribe and bookmark the site for future reference. Ideas on the internet grow old quickly and usually have to be updated constantly you want to make that what you’re doing is beneficial and not negative for progress. For this reason it is important to check back and see what has been added or updated to certain strategies. Once you have found enough for one days worth of research go ahead and take a break meditate on you’re off time about what SEO ideas you want to implement first. Do not by any circumstance try to do all at once this will lead to only lead to one thing loosing interest on you’re research taking you to square one again. Patience is key if you force yourself to do everything at once you also won’t be able to tell what Search engine optimization strategies have worked and which ones have not. Maybe you are gaining a few followers but not what you had expected, if all you’re ideas have been put into action how will you be able to tell which one is hurting you and which one is helping you. After you have done the above the next step is to make more specific searches for niches that only you specialize in, or searching local blogs or strategies that can help you grow you’re popularity locally. Another good idea that comes from this is to write a few blog post about what worked and what didn’t and what you made better and customized for you’re specific website. If you have any further questions about Search Engine Optimization Research, contact us below or visit our site.
Saul Gutierrez
Kansas City Website Developer

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