Tired of writting?

Do you have a blog, website, facebook page, google +, twitter, ect? After time goes by you figure out that handling or trying to post to all these sites with your content may become difficult. Especially if you have all or more of the sites named above. Sometimes you may wonder, what can i do to post on all of these at the same time without having to spend a whole day on copying qnd pasting links and so forth. Here are a few simple ways to fix the time consuming process. If you have a wordpress site, you can integrate you facebook, and twitter account with every new post giving your friends or followers a real time update of when you posted. Offering them a dirrect link back to your blog. This is also good for backlins to your blog. So far we found one wayto save some time, but what happena when you have more than just a FB and Twitter account? You start becoming a “jack of all trades”. There is one simple way to fix that. Get a Posterous account. Why? It gives you the opportunity to link all your account to posterous. The only place where you will every have to post again is at posterous. Once post, it send direct links to all your feeds about your recent post. Giving you some extra time to get new content, instead of creating a migrane. As a matter of fact this post that your reading right now was posted on posterous. Go ahead and give it a try.

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