A very SEO view of Google Part 1

In my line of work its very easy to cross the line from good to bad, before you know it you can be on either side. Most of the time you have to check to see if what you are doing is actually legit, before you get caught doing something that you thought was legit. Why? Google, that’s why. Most of my conversations now in days with other SEO’s always come to terms and end up being about Google. They are essentially dominating everything that has to do with the internet. I have come to believe that the internet should not be called the internet anymore, they should just call it Google. Out of recent things that Google has done, here are the most impressive, they own YouTube, they have there own operating systems for smart phones that completely shot Apple out of the water because it’s free, the are on verge of buying Motorola, they have strong alliances with HTC, they are developing there own operating system that will be better than Windows and Apple, and lastly they are bringing and testing a new line of internet Connection in various city’s around the US. This Internet they are developing, is so fast that we can download movies in the time it take us to download a picture on our regular internet connection. And for every city they visit, they are giving businesses around that city, free web pages, with free classes on how to build them and manage them. What does that mean for me, and SEO’s around the world? Loss of job opportunities where we live. Not only is Google taking away my work, but it is also controlling the way i work. In essence i can put in over 6 months of SEO work a web page, pretty much dedicate my life to it, make it nice and polished so it will show up on high rankings on google, and with a single click of a button they can decide that if they didn’t like the way that i worked on that Web page they will ban it form there search engine, In other words they have blacklist of web pages they don’t allow on there search engine. And I’m not saying i am a black hat SEO, but what i am saying is that Google has complete control of what goes on in the internet one way or another. And if you noticed, out of all there achievements that i mentioned, one word came up more then any other. Can you guess what it is? FREE. Most of the things Google is developing are free to the public. Take android and IOS for example, people love apple for developing a “flashy and useful” operating systems for the iPhone, the only downside, which i here most people complain about, is that most of the apps cost money, and some are overpriced. In contrast Android is an open source operating system, most of the apps are free, and for most of the apps that you really want that are not free you can either find them online, or you can simply find a replacement app that is free on there own market. Not only that but the operating system is not subject to one single type of phone, they give you options to buy the phone you want with the telephone company that you want. Many of you reading this are saying what is so bad about Google, there free and everybody want free? Right? True, and by no means an i complaining about free stuff, what i am complaining about is that Google is making it to easy for people around the world, especially our youth. I become afraid that by the time I’m fifty, hard work will no longer exist, and the values of the things we are surrounded by with be lost. We still live in planet surrounded by problems, we may not see them and experience as closely as we should, but they are still there. Third world countries still exist, just as wars still exist, will Google be there to stop all these problems for free? Maybe that is a question we should all ask ourselves.


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