Good To Be Back

As Many of you may know, my name is Saul Gutierrez. It has been nearly a year now since my last blog entry, I have not written in my blog because during this past year i lost sense and passion for what i loved, i was becoming accustomed to finding the easy way out for everything. That is until recently, many new challenges have been put in my path, some being for good and some, well, not as good. Many of you wonder if i still do the same line of work as i did last year, and the answer is yes, and no. I am still a big SEO and Web Designer buff, and do free lance work all over the city, but i no longer work for the company that taught me how to do that type of work. Since then i have also expanded my “line of knowledge”. Now i do not only do SEO work, but i also have been messing around a lot with new technology, such as tablets, and most newer Smart phones that carry  Android and Windows phone 7 operating systems. As many of you already know IOS is something have a huge hatred for, and until know i have not worked with anything that has to do with apple. I still have my previous blog open because i want to keep it as a keep sake, to remind me of what it was like when i first started blogging. That blog will no longer have any new information that i post to it. This for now will be my new line of concentration, I will try to get in at least one post per day here at this blog. I will write about mostly work and things that are related to my type of work. Every once in a while, a will feel a inspiration, and i might jot down a few notes about my life, changes in it, and ideas on how i as a person can better myself. If you would like for me to write about something that you have found interesting, please feel free to shoot me a message, and i will try to post about what i think. For now all i can say is that it feels good to be back to writing, after a long time of thinking about it, and having a long conversation with one of the people i look up to in the SEO world, i decided that it was time to get back in the game and give it another chance. For now that is all i have left in for todays writing, tomorrow i will try to surprise all of you with some new idea or some problem that came up in my work and how i was able to find a solution for it. Until then, have a great day, and enjoy life, we never know when it may become dull.


Saul Gutierrez – Kansas City SEO


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