The Return

It has been far to long. I had given up on this road, more than 2 years ago my life changed. What matters most is that i have returned. Website and graphic design had left my mind, my career was headed somewhere else, i had married and needed a stable job to help support my family, the fantasy of one day becoming as good and efficient as the one who taught me had passed. And before i begin again on this journey, i want to go ahead and thank them, Stephen Miller and Steven Kohlmeyer for everything they taught me back in 2010, in that crowded room full of dust they showed me the way of technology both good, bad, and grey. Maybe, just maybe one day they will read this and remember the good old days. The reason i have returned to this road is because of another man, who  at this time will not name, but he picked up my resume and had seen that it said: WordPress, SEO, DruPal, Joomla, Microsoft, HTML, PHP, and Graphic design. Yes, these are some of the things i have knowledge in, all of which i have not touched in over 2 years. Many would say that is not that long, but in the world of technology that is a eternity, who knows if i still got what it takes, but once again i thank this unnamed man for giving me the opportunity to try again and help him and his company succeed. I will continue to help his brand grow, maybe in the future i will reference my work with him. In the mean time, i will now continue to grow my own brand, expand it the right way, the organic way, the way it should be. I have no plan as of right now to switch my blog to another CMS, WordPress has served me well throughout the years and i hope to continue to use it a another tool in my toolbox. I ma expand to  other blog and other domains, but this will be just solely for SEO purpose’s. I do have a blogger site right now, which has not been accessed in a while, i plan to do some writing there as well,permitting that i can remember the password. There are many new SEO methods that i must catch up with, i have many peers that have written about them, so i may use there findings to expand on my own. I will more than likely reference there site and back-link to them as a gesture of gratitude. As of right now i am the freshman to a new school, it is time to study and hit the books. You may find that reading my blog might bore you, that my findings are old and outdated, but don’t be afraid to comment i am open to criticism and learn from it. Just remember that i am learning new methods and new ways of doing things, especially now in a automated world. It has been so long since i accessed this blog that i don’t even remember to what page or category this will post to. Hopefully the front page!